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Esther's first fish
Esther's birthday Mahi Mahi
Esther in gamefish chair

Esther's first catch off Shimoda. This Big-eye Tuna was caught in the Kermedec Islands. The Kermedec's are adjacent to the Tonga Trench in a remote part of the South Pacific Ocean

Esther caught this Mahi-mahi on her birthday while sailing off the reef in Fiji

Esther fishing on the Musket Cove Gamefish boat

Esther's gamefish catch
Esther's Pepsodent smile
Esther's mahi mahi

Esther's catch from her day out game-fishing

Esther's Pepsodent Smile

Esther's Mahi-mahi caught out game-fishing from Musket Cove, Fiji

Hand line catch
Whimpy fish

Esther and Rolo's catch while handline fishing with a guide from Musket Cove in Fiji


A school of fish under Shimoda drove Esther crazy until she finally caught one. Now called: "Seg's Wimpy Fish"

Cleaning Fish

Esther wouldn't return to Musket Cove until she caught these fish


Another victim of Esther's fishing skills

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