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Shimoda departed on our grand adventure from North Carolina. While headed for Bermuda the autopilot stripped its plastic gears. For some reason, I thought it would be easier to get parts in the Bahamas so we made a right turn and sailed to Marsh Harbor. The parts arrived, the autopilot was fixed and within 24 hours we were hit by lightening. Suddenly a lot more than the autopilot needed fixed. Without electric, instruments or radios we headed to Miami, Florida. Once there Dennis and I sailed down the Keys and up to Naples using a map printed in an outlet mall newspaper (all our "real" charts had shipped home). We arrived and proceeded to strip all the burned out parts from Shimoda

It is worth mentioning the sailing without electronics was probably the best we ever had. There is an indescribable release when technology is left behind. The only similar experience was sailing in a storm. The ocean and sky are so alive you can feel the proximity of God.

Hope Town lighthouse in the Abacos, Bahamas

Dennis sleeping in cockpit

Hope Town lighthouse

The Conchman was the first person we landed in March Harbor

After 3 days at sea, a conch salad is only minutes away

Dennis commuting through traffic

Since Dennis was lighter (than me), guess who went up and guess who grunted

All is well for the next crossing

Shimoda's fearless crew on a rainy day

Mark Sitting

Chris White's Juniper

Juniper, Shimoda's older sister

Mark waiting on a ride

Capt. Mike, Jeff Bickel & I cruised the Bahamas on Persistence back in 1990. The trip started on the West Coast of Florida then through the Keys to the Bahamas. We cleared in at South Cat Cay then crossed the banks to the Berry Islands. We also stayed in Nassau and ended up in the Exumas.

From the Exhumas we sailed back to the US and up the ICW to Anapolis, Maryland where Persistence was eventually sold.

Jeff probably catching another baracuda...

Jeff standing rookie duty

Jeff finaly catches something other than a baracuda...

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