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Capt. Mike, Jeff Bickel & I chartered a catamaran in BVI back around 1993. We arrived in time for a Full Moon Party at Bomba's Shack. Jeff & Capt. Mike enjoyed the mushroom tea. Jeff liked the islands so much he returned with his child bride, Pamela.

On the map, the Virgin Islands are to the right (east) of Puerto Rico

Jeff, Mike & Mark

Jeff waiting on a Budweiser

Capt. Mike sporting left over Full Moon Party gear.

Jeff & Pam liked their Honeymoon at Bitter End Yacht Club so much they returned and chartered a boat for their 10-year anniversary. No word yet on the location of the 20-year bash...

Jeff bravely guiding us through the coal strewen waters.

Esther & Pam snorkeling

Steve & Karen snorkeling


Esther stepped on something squishy


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