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Dave and I departed Panama for a quick leg to the Galapagos. On the way we hit a submerged log at night and broke our steering then dodged thunderstorms along the Equator for 3 days. While we were in Port Ayora, Shimoda hit a rock and broke her spare propeller (long story). The locals said the only way to get a replacement was to fly to Miami and hand carry it back. It seems nothing brass makes it through customs in Ecuador.
My route took me through Panama and while there I asked Esther if she would like to join me and "sail the Pacific". I tried to make it sound very romantic but must not have succeeded because she laughed and said: "No."
That isn't the end of the story however. While at work the following day her boss, Dr. Juan, overheard Esther telling her friends about the "crazy gringo". Dr Juan told Esther that in his opinion, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and if she decided to go, he would hold her job and pay her boys insurance while she was gone. His offer tipped the scales; Esther and Elvira packed a little bag each and joined Shimoda in the Galapagos.

seal sleeping on Shimoda
Mark with turtles
seal sleeping on float

Seals loved to sleep on the back steps of Shimoda

Mark with turtles

Seals also liked to sleep on the floats, trampolines and even in the cockpit. After cleaning up after them for a few days, enthusiasm waned for the freeloaders

Elvira & Esther
Esther & Mark

Happy Bird who's species I forget

Elvira & Esther

Esther & Mark

blue foot booby
Dave with the tender

Blue footed booby

We would leave Shimoda's tender at a local resturaunt when ashore


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