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Esther demonstrating a broken phone

Elvira & Esther looking for snow

Lobsters for Dinner!

Great Barrier Island

Esther's first lobster dinner

Elvira & Esther's first snow

Cape Regina Lighthouse

Esther at WWII museum

Beach on Great Barrier Island

Auckland from Bayswater Marina

Jesus at Fox Glacier

Hole in the Rock at Bay of Islands

Jesus at Mike's winery

Cape Regina light house

Rolo & Jesus at Fox Glacier

Rolo & Jesus at Fox Glacier

Sexy Esther on Russel Ferry

Square rigger off New Zealand coast

Great Briton's Cup yacht

Mark at Whangerai Heads

Esther climbing Whangerai Heads

windy day

Esthr at Cape Regina

Windy day on Great Barrier

Esther's abs on Whangerai Heads

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